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2D sandwiches, artificial layered building blocks for multifunctional materials

03 May 2023   16:00-17:00

Tim Verhagen, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences:
In this seminar, I will explain what are 2D sandwiches, why we would need them and how I will bake them.

The possibility to create new materials bottom-up was enhanced via the stacking of atomically thin layers of two-dimensional (2D) materials with van der Waals interactions. Unfortunately, the downside of van der Waals interactions is the, in general, weak electronical and mechanical interaction between the individual layers. This hinders the creation of multiferroic materials working at ambient conditions, which are despite extensive research still very scarce, from stacked layers with van der Waals interactions.

My research, funded by an ERC Starting Grant, aims to create a new building block, the 2D sandwich, to tackle this problem.

FJFI ČVUT, Břehová 7, Praha 1; B115
Contact person
doc. Jan Vybíral, jan.vybiral@fjfi.cvut.cz