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Zpět na kalendář

IDA seminar: Christos Pelekis (NTU Athens)

01.09.2022   14:00

Accept our invitation to the seminar organized by the IDA research group with the support of the RCI project. Postdoctoral researcher Christos Pelekis from the NTU Athens will visit our department on September 1, 2022 to give a lecture titled A note on the network coloring game: A randomized distributed (Δ+1)-coloring algorithm. Meet us in the seminar room (KN:E-205) at 14:00 sharp.

Abstract: The network coloring game has been proposed in the literature of social sciences as a model for conflict-resolution circumstances. The players of the game are the vertices of a graph with n vertices and maximum degree Δ. The game is played over rounds, and in each round all players simultaneously choose a color from a set of available colors. Players have local information of the graph: they only observe the colors chosen by their neighbors and do not communicate or cooperate with one another. A player is happy when she has chosen a color that is different from the colors chosen by her neighbors, otherwise she is unhappy, and a configuration of colors for which all players are happy is a proper coloring of the graph. It has been shown in the literature that, when the players adopt a particular greedy randomized strategy, the game reaches a proper coloring of the graph within O(log(n)) rounds, with high probability, provided the number of colors available to each player is at least Δ+2. In this talk I will show that a modification of the aforementioned greedy strategy yields likewise a proper coloring of the graph, provided the number of colors available to each player is at least Δ+1.

Místo konání
KN:E-205 (Karlovo náměstí 13, Praha 2)
Kontaktní osoba
Karolína Poliaková, poliakar@fel.cvut.cz
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