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Small and modular reactors

09 Jun 2022   09:00-18:00

On Thursday, 9 June 2022, the Small and Modular Reactors (SMR) Conference will take place at our Faculty with the subtitle "What's Really Being Built". Participants will get an overview of current developments in the field of nuclear energy, and in particular SMR. The conference, organized by Alveda, is taken over the cover by FJFI and the Czech Academy of Engineering.

The conference invites employees and students of CTU*, workers in the field of nuclear energy or engineering, whether from the Academy of Sciences or the commercial sector, as well as the general public.

The theme of this year's 7th edition is real projects of construction of smaller nuclear reactors in the world and how we can learn from them in developing nuclear technologies. The aim is to bring up-to-date information in the field of small modular reactors and improve communication among the professional nuclear community.

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, CTU in Prague, Brehova 7, Prague 1.

ALVEDA organizes the conference under the auspices of the FJFI and the Czech Academy of Engineering.

* Students and employees of CTU have free admission after registration.

Fakulta jaderná a fyzikálně inženýrská (Břehová 7)
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