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Zpět na kalendář

Tom de Geus (EFPL): Does inertia induce stick-slip friction?

30.01.2019   11:00-12:00

We study the nucleation of slip between two sliding solids, whereby we focus on a mesoscopic level where the disorder, introduced by the surface roughness, matters. It is at this scale that we can study how different contacts interact through the bulk's elasticity. A result of this interaction is that the detachment of one asperity can trigger that of other contacts in its vicinity. An interesting question is if such collective effects organise into depinning-like avalanches. Vice versa this system allows the clarification of the debated role of inertia on an avalanche-like response. We argue that, due to the presence of rare weak sites, the response is smooth in the thermodynamic limit. At the same time, we find this mechanism not to be efficient, leading to a stick-slip response in finite systems.

Místo konání
B-366, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thákurova 7, 166 29 Prague 6
Kontaktní osoba
Jan Zeman, jan.zeman@cvut.cz
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