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Bedřich Beneš - Modeling Plant Life in Computer Graphics

05.06.2017   11:00

Synthesizing natural scenes with realistic vegetation has always been an interesting research topic in computer graphics. As frequent objects in our daily life, vegetation is required in almost all virtual sceneries, ranging from single plants and trees to wide outdoor ecosystems. The human visual system is perfectly trained to see any imperfections and irregularities. Therefore, the appearance and the inhomogeneous structure of plants still pose many challenges to computer graphics researchers. Although rich and detailed virtual environments become popular in applications like games, movies or urban visualization, storing and transmitting as well as modeling or rendering such objects with full detail is beyond the capabilities even of modern graphics hardware. Figure 1 shows a small forest with large amount of detail modeled through a modern reconstruction algorithm. This talk will cover several latest algorithms and techniques in modeling vegetation in computer graphics. In particular, we will focus on advances in 1) procedural and inverse-procedural modeling, 2) biologically-based approaches, and 3) user-assisted approaches for vegetation modeling.

Bedřich Beneš is a professor of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University and a director of the High Performance Computer Graphics Laboratory. His area of research is in procedural and inverse procedural modeling and simulation of natural phenomena and he has published over 100 research papers in the field. Dr. Benes has collaborated with the National Science Foundation, NASA, Adobe Research, Intel, Siemens, Samsung, Department of Energy, and Ford Inc., among others. He has worked as IPC member of various conferences including Siggraph/Siggraph Asia (4x), Eurographics (5x), and he is a papers chair of Eurographics 2017. He also works as associate editor of Computer Graphics Forum and Computers & Graphics. His graduate students work in Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, and Siemens.

Místo konání
posluchárna KN:E-301, Karlovo náměstí 13, budova E
Katedra počítačové grafiky a interakce, FEL, ČVUT
Kontaktní osoba
prof. Ing. Jiří Žára, CSc.
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