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Zpět na kalendář

Stefan Leijnen - Utilizing Deep Learning as a Tool for Creativity

26.05.2017   13:30

Krátká anotace přednášky:

Recent years have seen a number of breakthroughs that indicate a renewed interest in the possibilities of creative machines. Game-playing agents developed by Google Deepmind are capable of learning surprisingly original solutions. Deep learning allows anyone to make paintings in the style of famous artists. Other computational tools are now used to inspire and guide human designers. In this talk, we will look at examples of creative machine learning, consider to what extent they qualify as being creative, and discuss what additional steps would be necessary for artificial creativity.

O přednášejícím:

Stefan Leijnen is lecturer and researcher of artificial intelligence at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His primary research interest is in understanding how novelty arises from dynamical systems, particularly in neural networks. More generally, he is interested in generative computational methods, deep learning and epistomology. He has recently founded the Asimov Institute, an independent research organization aiming to develop technological solutions for creativity and control of machine learning.

Místo konání
posluchárna KN:E-301, Karlovo náměstí 13, budova E
Katedra počítačové grafiky a interakce, FEL, ČVUT
Kontaktní osoba
doc. Ing. Jiří Bittner, Ph.D.