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Electromagnetic Tuesday 2024

27 Feb 2024   16:00-20:00

Come again after a year to see an informal performance of the Department of Electromagnetic Field. In the second week of the summer semester, we are preparing for you the 6th annual Electromagnetic Tuesday event, where you can watch interesting experiments, try to build something and learn something new. And we won’t let you die of hunger or thirst either.

This time we have the following demonstrations and experiments for you:

Amateur (HAM) Radio
How to communicate (not only) in case of SHTF.

Make Your Own Antenna III
This year’s event also includes the design and production of a small multiband antenna for modern mobile devices (laptop, tablet, phone). You can again design the antenna yourself, make it, measure its parameters and take the sample home … in your pocket.

Radar Corner IV
Learn about the capabilities of modern FMCW automotive radars and how to test them.

Put on the Optical Antenna
The development cannot be stopped, so we continue to develop wearable optical antennas (wearables). We will light up an optical fiber (antenna), create different shapes on our clothes, capture the data with a camera and look at the whole transmission chain in detail. We will show interested participants the areas of fiber optics, communication in the visible domain, camera detection, and shape detection and signal processing methodologies.

Fun, but also Amazing Imaging with a Thermal Camera
Interested in how a thermal imaging camera sees ordinary objects in the outside world? And how can everyday activities observed through the lens of a thermal imaging camera be surprising? If your answer is yes, then come take a look.

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FEL ČVUT, Technická 2, Blok B2, 6. patro
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