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workshop How to Incorporate Citations in English Research Papers

27 Aug 2018   13:30-17:00

The Department of Measurement will be organizing the workshop How to Incorporate Citations in English Research Papers.

In writing a thesis, dissertation or publication for a peer-reviewed scientific journal, a review of previous research is required (called a literature review). In such publications, it is considered plagiarism (dishonest, and sometimes illegal) if a researcher copies from other people’s research without giving credit to that researcher. While direct quotations from other research papers are easiest for you as a writer, they should be used only occasionally and for very specific reasons. All other citations in your paper should be summarized or paraphrased in your own words, which is difficult even for native speakers of English. In this workshop, you will learn what plagiarism is and is not, how to avoid plagiarism in your own writing, and how to correctly incorporate direct quotes and paraphrased information into your research papers using a variety of formal reporting verbs and sentence structures.

Dr. Debbie Busch

Bio: Dr. Debbie Busch has taught English as a foreign language for 30 years in various universities in the United States, including Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Stanford University, and California State University. She has a masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from UCLA and a Ph.D. in educational linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania with specialties in second language acquisition and language teacher education. She has published research in the journals Language Teaching Research and Language Learning and often evaluate papers for publication. She has worked for the past six years as a consultant for the California Department of Education. Previously, she was one of the original teachers in the English summer program for two summers at Czech Tech University in Prague in the 1990s.

T2: A3-318
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Ing. Jakub Svatoš, Ph.D., svatoja1@fel.cvut.cz