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Zpět na kalendář

Dr. Branislav Bošanský: Game Theory

12.10.2017   18:00

Game theory has been an essential part of computer science and artificial intelligence from the very beginning. Finding optimal strategies in games is an important yet challenging task especially if the games are played in turns, players do not have perfect information, and there are stochastic events in the environment. This seminar briefly introduces the concept of such sequential/dynamic games, highlights the computational and algorithmic difficulties when solving them, and presents our current research in this area.
Branislav Bosansky is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He received his Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence at the same faculty and was a post-doctoral research fellow at Aarhus University in Denmark. His research focuses on algorithmic and computational game theory, and computing optimal strategies in sequential/dynamic games.

Místo konání
KN:E-205, ČVUT FEL, Karlovo nám. 13, budova E, 2. patro
Lenka Klvačová
Kontaktní osoba
Lenka Klvačová, klvaclen@fel.cvut.cz, 224 35 7414